Waste Removal in The UK

Waste Removal in The UK

Your local council will normally collect rubbish for you on a weekly or fortnightly basis but sometimes you have an extra amount that goes over the limit that you can dispose of.


This may be due to having a party of some construction work around the house and you may need specialist help for a licenced waste removal company to take away your waste in dispose of it in an ethical manner.

Garden waste can also build up if you have had a decent amount of gardening done. This will be grass cuttings, tree pruning’s and soil.

If you run a business in the UK there are certain laws
that you need to stick to.

To find a reputable company, the easiest way is to take your search online. Add your location to the search to find someone near you.

You will have a list of websites come up to choose from. Take some time and go through as many sites as you can. Check out their credentials and accreditations so that you know you are dealing with a reputable company. You should also make sure that they have insurance to cover you and your property should the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

Get some quotations of prices so you can judge what is the best value for money. Don’t always go for the cheapest as they may cut corners.

Here are some examples of reputable waste clearance sites to get an idea of what to look for.




All companies should have the relevant licences and be approved by the Environment Agency so you know that what you pass on will be dealt with in the correct manner. If you hire a company that is not registered and they end up fly tipping or illegally dumping the waste, you will be responsible.