How to Choose a Great Wardrobe

Great Wardrobe

You may be thinking of having a new look for your bedroom by having it re-decorated and replacing old furniture with brand new items.


Apart from the bed itself one of the other main pieces of furniture in the room is the wardrobe and in this post we will discuss some options for purchasing a new one and what types there are out there.

Not every bedroom is large enough to have a walk in wardrobe, but there are plenty of large wardrobes on offer that will give you enough space to store you clothing and look great at the same time.

In this post we will discuss what types are on offer and you can decide what will suit your room best.

First up is a double wardrobe which are very common. These will normally have one rail to hang your hangers on, a shelf at the top to store folded clothing and maybe some drawers at the bottom which will give you plenty of space to store underwear or shoes.

There are also three and four door wardrobes which are bigger and obviously store more for maybe sharing storage space with your partner. These will typically have a full length rails and more drawers.

If you not a fan of opening a door outwards, you may want to consider a sliding door wardrobe. These are ideal for rooms with limited space and you will not have to worry about the doors getting in the way of things.

There are many different styles and finishes that you can choose from in a range different woods depending on your budget so it really is worth shopping around and collecting as many brochures before deciding on what is the best wardrobe for your home.

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